NIAW: How to Support Loved Ones with Infertility

An infertility diagnosis can be very difficult for a person or a couple. Feelings of discouragement, loneliness, and uncertainty can be extremely isolating. Being the friend, or the brother, or the mother of someone experiencing infertility can be daunting: what do I say? How do I help?

Today, we encourage you to #StartAsking what is helpful for you to say to your loved one facing infertility, and what should be avoided completely. One place to start is with Rachel Gurevich on 12 Things Not to Say to Someone with Infertility and How Can I Support a Friend with Infertility?

Have you had a friend who really did a great job supporting you? What did they do or say? Or have you had some well-meaning but terrible comments? Please leave your experiences in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter @trachmanlaw.