French Gay Dads Win A Surrogacy Victory

More individuals and couples around the world are being given the opportunity to have the family they dreamed of. #FamilyLaw #Kids #DreamsCanHappen

November 2nd Article on Above the Law: Stranger Than Fiction

Most surrogacies result in a baby for a grateful and loving family and a surrogate well paid for her time and effort. And then there are the surrogacy stories that actually make the news, like the one I wrote about in my article on Above the Law this week. Deceit, bribery, absconding with someone else’s baby, and an epic legal battle make this story especially newsworthy.

October 19th Article at Above the Law: Using the Gametes of Deceased Loved Ones

In my article at Above the Law this week, I share the story of a couple whose right to conceive a child using their dead son’s sperm was upheld in an Israeli court. Previously, only spouses of deceased loved ones were granted this right. But it begs the question: was there consent? Did the passed relative want a baby conceived after his or her death?