February 8th Article at Above the Law: Italy Gets Parents’ Rights Wrong Again

A baby born via surrogate in Russia to an Italian couple was taken away from his parents to be placed with a foster family because no genetic connection was made between the baby and his family (which was another problem – he was supposed to be genetically related to his father, and the Russian fertility clinic is as “surprised” as the rest of us). Read my latest article here.

November 9th Article at Above the Law

My newest article at Above the Law takes us back to what America really cares about: Kim Kardashian. Will she and Kanye use a surrogate? Also, Cambodia has made surrogacy illegal, adding to the growing list of countries with a surrogacy ban.

September 28th Article on Above the Law: Embryos Stuck in India

In this week’s article posted at Above the Law, India’s recent strict ban on surrogacy has had many effects on families, both within the country and without. A ban is also now in place for the transfer of foreigners’ embryos to a different country, threatening the process of couples growing their families. There is no doubt that there is controversy in India over the practice of surrogacy, but there should be no argument over embryos transferred there under different laws.

August 10th Above the Law Article: Bad Judgement

My newest article at Above the Law is about a case in Wisconsin when a couple with an established family through surrogacy was plunged into a terrible limbo when they had a judge that seemed to have a bias against surrogacy and gay parents. States having fair laws about parentage is a great start, but fair judgements for all is the most important.

July 13th Article on Above the Law: The Burger King Baby

My newest article about artificial reproductive technology (ART) and the law is up at Above the Law. This week I look into the case of the unfortunately dubbed Burger King Baby, in which a genetically unrelated surrogate was awarded custody the child she carried for intended (and genetically related to the child) parents.